W2 Professor and Lise Meitner Group Leader of the Pan African
Research Group, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History.


My work has been featured in over 1000 news articles around the world. Below is a small selection of links such media features, including scicomm articles that I have written:

Lauren Fuge. 2021. Young tools rewrite old history. Cosmos Magazine.

Michael Marshall. 2021. The other cradle of humanity: How Arabia shaped human evolution. New Scientist (Cover Feature).

Eleanor Scerri. 2021. Archaeology in West Africa could rewrite the textbooks on human evolution. The Conversation.

Science Daily. 2021. Newly discovered African 'climate seesaw' drove human evolution.

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Lorraine Boissoneault. 2019. Ancient Monkey Bone Tools Shake Up the Narrative of Early Human Migration to the Rain Forest. Smithsonian Magazine.

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