Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the
Science of Human History in Jena, Germany and leader of the aWARE project.

About Eleanor Scerri

I am an archaeological scientist interested in exploring the articulation between genetics, biogeography and material culture phylogeny to further theoretical, methodological and scientific advances in the field of human evolution. I am currently based at the Max Planck Instititute for the Science of Human History in Jena, Germany, where I am running a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions funded project exploring human evolution across West Africa and the relationship between human evolutionary sequences in this region and other parts of the African continent. 

My research combines primary fieldwork in West and North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula with experimental and quantitative artefact analyses using a range of statistical methods. I then integrate these analyses with palaeoecological data to produce a variety of computational models in order to test competing hypotheses about human evolution. 

Some of my current research interests include:

  • The population structure of early Homo sapiens in Africa and intra-African dispersals
  • The origins and causes of cultural diversification in the African Middle Stone Age
  • The timing, number and character of early Homo sapiens dispersals out of Africa
  • Late evolutionary processes in the terminal Pleistocene/early Holocene of Africa in different biogeographic zones

Photo Credit: Philipp Gunz

Photo Credit: John Cairns